Friday, September 16, 2005

Abstract Art

Photography by Mellik Tamas

Abstract simply means, not an object. You have "objective" image which is any
image that has the intention of respresenting an identifiable object. A cat, a
person, a building. Two common terms used to describe Abstract art are:
Nonobjective and Nonrespresentational. However in the realm of photography,
unlike painting, the photograph is almost always some identifiable object, but
sometimes the photographer is not interested in the Ojbect itself, but the way a
shadow makes an interesting bizarre shape or the way a texture recedes in
space or dizzy spinning lights in a long exposure at night.These kinds of
photographs called Abstract, because they are not concerned with telling any
kind of story or documenting a recognizable object they are simply; line, value,
shape, color and movement.

Abstraction is a verb, it is an action an artist does, which simply means altering
the identity of an object to make it unrecognizable, or to appear like another
object. A Painter may use Abstraction to transform a specific landscape into a
fantastical world, or to make flowers appear erotic. A photographer may shoot
a building at an odd angle to make it appear like an alien space craft, or a green
pepper so that it resembles human flesh. This is Abstraction, the object is still
there, but through an act of cunning on the part of the artist, you are being led
to beleive that it is something else entirely. The act of Abstraction may distort
the object to the point of being totally nonrepresentaional thus rendering it an
Abstract Image. Not all Abstractions become an Abstract Image. Discussion
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Chandira said...

Wow. Love your blog. Beautiful images, and I appreciate the commentary, which you don't get on other photoblogs!

Cool Daddio said...

Beautiful in every way. Makes me want to get out my paint brushes. Humm acrylic or watercolor.