Monday, October 10, 2005

Band of colors

Photography by Mellik Tamas

Everyday, people take photos by pointing their camera at something
interesting and clicking the shutter. Often, these photos do not
turn out as interesting as the scene that was before them. What
makes a photo interesting is showing someone something they do not
normally see. This can be achieved through subject matter, through
treatment or, ideally, through both. If you come across a scene of
an unusual event or if you set up a shoot of something out of the
ordinary then the subject matter itself will provide a view of
something not normally seen. Article by Christian Cook, more


Elli said...

Very helpful and great pictures! Thanks!

kojo said...

the band of colours just draws me in, without reason, without explanation. thank you

otilius said...

and some take photos other people shot and make comments....ha, ha, ha